Downloads for James in the Suburbs

Helpful Media

Excerpt of James in the Suburbs – Read an excerpt with compliments and the permission of Wipf and Stock Publishers.

James in the Suburbs Flyer – Reprint this to advertise the study in your church, small group program, or bookstore.

Lesson Plan – Use this as an example for putting together your Bible Study schedule.

Comparison of the Epistle of James and the Sermon on the Mount – For handout in Lesson 2.

Jesus’s Teaching on Wealth – For handout in Lesson 10.

Please help April Market her book!  Spread the news about James in the Suburbs by asking members of your group to write an Amazon review.  Here are the instructions to print out and share with your group.

James in the Suburbs Evaluation Form  April would love to get better and better at writing.  You can pass out this form at the last meeting to evaluate the study.  The evaluations can be mailed to April Love-Fordham, 710 Leeds Garden Ter, Johns Creek, GA 30022.

PowerPoint Presentations 

These PowerPoint Presentations are especially good for use in large group or church-wide gatherings where the intimacy of a small group is not possible.  Whereas, the study guide in Chapter 29 of the book is good for small group situations.  These presentations are “as is” and will need to be reviewed/updated for your context.     

Class 1: Chapters 1-4.  Pass out optional handout “Lesson Plan” available above.

Class 2: Chapters 5-7.  Pass out optional handout “Comparison of the Epistle of James and the Sermon on the Mount” available above.

Class 3: Chapters 8-10

Class 4: Chapters 11-12

Class 5: Chapters 13-15

Class 6: Chapter 16

Class 7: Chapters 17-18

Class 8: Chapters 19-20

Class 9: Chapters 21-22

Class 10: Chapters 23-24.  Pass out optional handout, “Jesus’s Teaching on Wealth” available above.

Class 11: Chapters 25-26

Class 12: Chapters 27-28. Pass out optional handouts, “Please Help April Market Her Book” and “James in the Suburbs Evaluation Form” available above.


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