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All Three BooksNot your ordinary Bible Studies. Each book is a parable – a story – wrapped around a biblical commentary. These stories will make you think about ancient scripture in new ways, provide insight into what is happening in the world today, surprise you with laughter as you catch a vision of the journey ahead, and energize you to live out your faith on paths you never anticipated taking.

Jesus used parables—stories of everyday people and things—to illustrate spiritual truths. His parables were not nice tidy stories. They were disorderly and subversive.  They were meant to dismantle ideas the listener thought were truth, but were not. With the Disorderly Parables Books, you will learn like Jesus taught, through stories of everyday people and things. You will walk away with both a story that will challenge you and a thorough understanding of the scripture. The books also contain a discussion guide designed for groups who want read the book together.

April Love-Fordham has discovered an utterly unique method for teaching the Bible: through the narrative of a novel that reveals the deepest meaning of a book of scripture… I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a fresh understanding of scripture.

–Dr. Kenneth Swanson, Rector, St. David’s Church, Roswell, GA

Check out the first books available in the Disorderly Parable Series:  

coverJames in the Suburbs is a study of the Epistle of James – a letter from James, who was likely the brother of Jesus. He was writing to a group of 1st century Christians, who were having to figure out what it meant to follow Jesus while dealing with a lot of problems.

Around the study is wrapped the story of six men and women living in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia whose lives were changed by the teachings of James.

The book contains a discussion plan for those wanting to study it as a group.

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I am captured by your book.  You have provided one of the most interesting and accessible commentaries (and much more) that I have seen.

Steve Hayner, Past President of InterVarsity Press, President Columbia Theological Seminary, Board Member of World Vision, Decatur, GA.

In the same way Clarence Jordan made the Bible relevant in the Cotton Patch of Southwest Georgia, April Love-Fordham brings the disruptive letter of James to our American suburbs whose inhabitants are anxiously in need of some true undefiled old-time religion.

Kirk Lyman-Barner, Director of US Field Operations, Fuller Center for Housing, Americus, GA


Dismantling Injustice is a study of the Song of Solomon – an ancient Hebrew opera found in the Old Testament. It was written as a rallying cry to the Northern Kingdom encouraging the inhabitants to resist King Solomon’s unjust rule.

Around the study is wrapped a story which takes place in the halls of Washington, D.C. as an African-American congressman recounts his life.

The book contains a discussion plan for those wanting to study it as a group.

Click here to print out a flyer for this book and here to read the first three chapters (compliments of Wipf and Stock Publishers).

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An engaging and potentially life-altering encounter with the Song of Songs. In Dismantling Injustice, April Love-Fordham combines serious Bible study, spiritual development, and Christian ethics. While this is a good book for individual study and reflection, I suspect it will be especially powerful when used in a small group setting. I, for one, can’t wait to convene such a group. 

Rebecca M. Blackwell, Retired Executive Presbyter, PC (USA); Steward of the Mysteries; Minister of Reconciliation

Through an engaging tale of an unlikely friendship between a novice writer and a celebrated political figure in Washington’s halls of power, Love-Fordham crafts an imaginative but responsible commentary on one of the most enigmatic books of the Bible. In a bold re-interpretation of the Song of Solomon, Love-Fordham turns an enigmatic, often ignored biblical narrative into a powerful commentary on contemporary issues of justice, race, and hope.

Israel Galindo, Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning, Columbia Theological Seminary

St. Francis in Peril - Coming 2018

St. Francis in Peril, will use examples from the life of St. Francis to teach the concepts found in the Epistle to the Galatians.

Keep an eye out for it in 2018.