April’s Life

I call myself a Red Letter Christian.  The term “Red Letter” comes from the belief that all of scripture is to be understood through the teachings of Jesus, which were traditionally set apart in some Bibles using a red font.

To that end, I endeavor to take Jesus seriously by living out Jesus’s radical, counter-cultural message. I strive to work for peace and social justice, care for the poor and the oppressed, embrace human diversity and equality, question religious tradition and culture (including and especially Christianity), and live as a good steward of the earth.

My call is to creatively inspire others to explore both scripture and spiritual practices in order to become the effective servants of Christ.  To that end, I have set about to provide resources that are interesting, scholarly, and have immediate application to living life as the servants of Christ.

Mini Bio

* BEE from Ga Tech ’83
* MSEE from Ga Tech ’84
* Married Steve – the love of my life! ’84
* Worked my way to VP of Engineering – Webtone, Telinet, LMI, IBM ’84-’04
* Became a Mom to the most awesome sons! Brent ’86 and Kit ’89
* MDiv from Columbia Theological Seminary ’06
* Ordained PC(USA) Minister of Word and Sacrament ’06
* Pastor of Calvary, Oak Mt, and North Ave ’06-’12
* DMin Gordon-Conwell ’11
* Confirmed in the Episcopal Church ’12
* James in the Suburbs Published by Wipf and Stock ’14
* Dismantling Injustice Published by Wipf and Stock ’16
* Became a mother-in-law to the wonderful and amazing Chanelle ’16