About April

April’s core belief is that Jesus, the true light, offering light without condition, has come into the world (John 1:9).

April’s calling is to creatively inspire others (and herself too!) to become the effective servants of Christ through spiritual practices and the study of scripture.

April’s mission is to provide resources through writing, preaching, and teaching that are interesting, scholarly, and have immediate application to living life as the servants of Christ.

Associations April Belongs to:

* PEN American
* Atlanta Writers Club
* Society of Biblical Literature
* Scribblers Christian Writers

With two degrees from Georgia Tech, Dr. April Love-Fordham spent twenty very fun years in the corporate world, including several in Washington DC as a technology adviser to both the George H. Bush and Bill Clinton administrations where her resume once claimed that she helped Al Gore invent the internet. 🙂

During these years, her clients included NASA, NATO, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Leaving Washington, DC and returning to her home in Atlanta, she rose to the executive suite where her teams were awarded the Internet Product of the Year Award two years in a row for the first internet based e-mail system. It was then that she got the idea in her head that she ought to be doing more to make the world a better place. So she left the corporate world and went to seminary to search for answers and become a pastor.

She finds joy in working for peace and social justice, caring for the poor and the oppressed, embracing human diversity and equality, questioning religious tradition and culture (including and especially Christianity), and living as a good steward of the earth.

Today she wakes up every morning and asks the Spirit what love mischief they will accomplish together that day. So far that question has led her to take Jesus seriously by trying her best to live out Jesus’s radical, counter-cultural message.

8 Weeks April and Molly3 8 weeks

Her first collection of books is a series of Disorderly Parable Bible Studies. They include James in the Suburbs on the Epistle of James (2014), Dismantling Injustice on the Song of Solomon (2016), and St. Francis and the Christian Life on Galatians (2018). Each book wraps a story – a modern day parable – around a book of scripture helping readers to see its immediate application to living life as the servant of Christ.

April and her husband, Steve, live with Molli-Pop, a sweet blue Great Dane. They have hiked more than 1000 miles across Europe and always have another 200 planned. She has two sons and a daughter-in-law who she absolutely adores.

April, Chanelle, Kit, Brent, and Steve

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28 MB 1a .jpg

Climbing Mt Brandon, Dingle Peninsula

21 Seals 17a.jpg
A Colony of Seals on the Great Blasket Island
1125 11 Views 4a.jpg
Top of Notre Dame with Eiffel Tower in the Background
DSC02682 (1)_pp
Gallus Oratory, Dingle, Ireland
Amalfi Coast, Italy
French Alps
19 (2)a
Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi
Road to Assisi
dAbondance 207h_pp.jpg
On the border between the French & Swiss Alps
2 walk 17
Hiking with Kit, Chanelle, and Brent in the Barolo of Italy
dAbondance 245b
Top of the Les Cornettes de Bise
Skellig Micheal, Kerry, Ireland
St. Cyr les Colons.jpg
St. Cyr Les Colons, in the Chablis of France
Biking the Dordogne
Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

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