Teachings of Jesus

Here are the audio recordings of the lessons.  If you click on “Media Menu” after clicking on the lesson, you will also have access to April’s PowerPoint slides for each lesson.

Lesson 1 Kingdom of God and the End Times

Lesson 2 Judgement and Forgiveness

Lesson 3 Discipleship and Doing God’s Will

Lesson 4 Hipocracy and Prayer

Lesson 5 The Holy Spirit and Being a Witness

Lesson 6 Love and Persecution

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The Kingdom of God:

Vocabulary: Reign or Kingdom?

Three Things Jesus Taught about the Kingdom of God

Worry and the Kingdom of God

Four Actions for the Kingdom of God

Jesus Drew the Circle Wider

Already, Not Yet, Within, and Without

The End Times:

Jesus Preaches Fire and Brimstone

Jesus on how Everything Turns Out in the End

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