Already, Not Yet, Within, and Without.

This blog series follows my “Teachings of Jesus Class”
where we examined the words of Jesus recorded in the gospels.

No wonder Jesus spent so much time explaining the Kingdom of God. In our physical world, it is impossible for something to “be” and “not yet be” at the same time. And equally impossible for it to be “within” and “without” at the same time.

Nonetheless, Jesus indicated that the Kingdom of God happens as we work for it (Matt 6:31-33) and at the same time, was something he would one day bring with him (Luke 19:11-12).  He tells the Pharisees that it was within (Luke 17:20-21) and later tells a parable that indicated that he would go get it (Luke 19:11-12).

Some theologians have rectified these descriptions by saying that we get glimpses of the Kingdom of God living out from within us whenever we follow Christ and his teachings. And that while the Kingdom is spiritual today, one day Christ will set up a physical kingdom. Others say that Kingdom will always be spiritual, but more fully consummated in the the end times.

At any rate, it is a mystery.  Something we can’t measure or use physics to describe. I like that!

More blog posts to come on the Teachings of Jesus.
Check out April’s Books, Disorderly Bible Studies, for group and individual study.

One Comment on “Already, Not Yet, Within, and Without.

  1. Thank your for your insights. Your thoughts are leading me to ponder deeply how we are living out these teachings of Jesus and the Kingdom in our world today as Kingdom people/congregational people. Sometimes I think we are busily making the circle smaller rather than widening it as per yesterday’s thoughts and with today’s theme, ‘Already, Not Yet, Within and Without’, we are defining our own boundaries. Again, thank you and God bless.

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