Dismantling Injustice: A Bible Study of the Song of Solomon meant for Our Times!

As I write this, it is Oct the 12, 2017. I am saddened to report that this morning alone, the leaders of America have managed to tell hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico that they are taking up too many resources; they have announced that they are withdrawing the U.S. from UNESCO; they have kicked off a new set of policies that further damage access to health care; and they have threatened the free press.  This is a slow day.  And it isn’t even lunch time yet.

Wondering what is going on in America   Wondering why injustice is winning?

Believe it or not, the ancient Old Testament Book of Song of Solomon holds answers for us.  Think of this book as an ancient opera written by activists who were trying to rally the Northern Kingdom against King Solomon who had become a corrupt king.  They traveled village to village performing this opera on the village green.  In it they used the story of King Solomon’s concubine, a woman who has to choose between the King and a mysterious Shepherd who wants her to “arise and come away” with him.


This is where America is today.  We have a choice.  Buy into the unjust systems that this administration is putting in place or choose the Good Shepherd.  Dismantling Injustice by April Love-Fordham explores how the Song of Solomon speaks to us today.  Ordering information.


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