Dismantling Injustice – Song of Solomon

“Dismantling Injustice” uses the story of an African-American congressman coming to age during the civil rights movement to illustrate the Song of Solomon.

The Song of Solomon is an ancient Hebrew opera found in the Old Testament. It was written as a rallying cry to the Northern Kingdom, encouraging the inhabitants to resist King Solomon’s unjust rule.

Around the study is wrapped a story which takes place in the halls of Washington, D.C. as an African-American congressman recounts his life.

The book contains a discussion plan for those wanting to study it as a group.

Loveable Sounds Podcast interview with April Love-Fordham on Dismantling Injustice.

Available at Amazon and Wipf and Stock.

Click here to print out a flyer for this book and here to read the first three chapters (compliments of Wipf and Stock Publishers).

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Published by April Love-Fordham

A Red Letter Christian who writes about scripture and spiritual disciplines.

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