St. Francis & the Christian Life – Galatians

“St Francis and the Christian Life” uses the fascinating, mystical life of St. Francis to illustrate the lessons found in the Epistle to the Galatians. It looks at the question: “How do we live the Christian Life?” This was the question that the author and her husband walked with as they retraced the footsteps ofContinue reading “St. Francis & the Christian Life – Galatians”

Dismantling Injustice – Song of Solomon

“Dismantling Injustice” uses the story of an African-American congressman coming to age during the civil rights movement to illustrate the Song of Solomon. The Song of Solomon is an ancient Hebrew opera found in the Old Testament. It was written as a rallying cry to the Northern Kingdom, encouraging the inhabitants to resist King Solomon’s unjust rule. AroundContinue reading “Dismantling Injustice – Song of Solomon”

James in the Suburbs – Epistle of James

“James in the Suburbs,” awarded five stars by the Reader’s Favorite Review and the 2019 Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal for Christian Devotion/Study, uses the antics of a soul searching, fun loving suburban Bible study group to illustrate the teachings of the Epistle of James. The Epistle of James is a letter from James, who was likelyContinue reading “James in the Suburbs – Epistle of James”