St. Francis and the Christian Life

How do we live the Christian Life? This was the question that the author and her husband walked with as they retraced the footsteps of St. Francis across the Italian wilderness. Did they need to renounce materialism and live more simply? Did they need to do more work serving those in need? Was more Bible study or a stronger prayer life needed? What made their commitment to Christ different than those committed to other faiths? How could their lives make a difference?

The author was planning a lecture series on Galatians, written by the Apostle Paul, when she and her husband began their pilgrimage. As they journeyed into the life and legends of St. Francis, a playful old school Franciscan monk befriended them. Together the three named the parallels and divergences in the lives of St. Francis and the Apostle Paul. In doing so, they discovered an entirely new—but ancient—way of following Jesus.


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