Weirdest Stories of the Old Testament

Here are the audio recordings of the lessons.  If you click on “Media Menu” after clicking on the lesson, you will also have access to April’s PowerPoint slides for each lesson.

The parish had asked for something light and our rector was out of the country… so we decided to have some fun!

Week 1: Does God have a Sense of Humor?  A disembodied hand, a talking donkey, head splitting courage, and Ezekiel’s prophetic methods.

Week 2: More Bible Stories The Curse of a Bald Man, Death in the Pot (Not that kind of pot), A woman who turned to Salt, and Plain or Speckled Sheep?

Week 3: Even More Stories Angels Fighting Other Angels, Armies that Destroyed themselves, Eglon the Fat King, Human-Angel Crossbreeds, and Unicorns

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