St. Francis at San Damiano

I thought you might like a peek inside the chapel where the Jesus painted on the Byzantine cross spoke to St. Francis. I love this place – everything about it — the walk to it, the smells inside, the Franciscans that shush you when you whisper.  You can actually attend vespers here year round. If I could be anywhere this morning, it would be here.


Three really awesome things to notice in this google street view. <–Click there.

1) Take a moment to look at the cross over the altar. This is a reproduction of the cross that spoke to the 22 year old Francis telling him to “fix my church.” The original is hanging in the Basilica of St. Clare not far away.

2) I love the two Franciscans sitting in the front pew!! You can do a close up on them.  There are a small group of Franciscans who live there and maintain the building and grounds.

3) Turn around in the picture and see the “window” (it was closed up when additions were made to the chapel) to the left of the door. This is “the window of the money” where St. Francis threw his offering when the priest refused to accept his money. The priest was afraid St. Francis’ father would cause problems – which he did. Notice the fresco around the “window.” You can do a close up to see a painting of his father holding a bat. He came to the church to beat his son for giving away their money. But St. Francis hid and was not discovered.

back of san dam

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