April’s Books

The Disorderly Parable Bible Studies

Make studying scripture fun and relevant!

Jesus used parables—stories of everyday people and things—to illustrate spiritual truths. His parables were not nice tidy stories. They were disorderly and subversive.  They were meant to dismantle ideas the listener thought were truth, but were not. With the Disorderly Bible Study Series, you will learn like Jesus taught, through parable.  You will walk away with both a story that will challenge you and a thorough understanding of the scripture. Each book contains a Study Guide designed both for groups who read the book together and for individuals.

Read excerpts of James in the Suburbs (Epistle of James) and Dismantling Injustice (Song of Solomon). Excerpts are made available by Wipf and Stock Publishers.

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Study of the Epistle of James
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