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Easter Monday Morning Quarterbacking

It is the Monday after Easter. On Easter Sunday, in the glory of the resurrection, it is easy – and probably appropriate – to overlook one of the really interesting details of the Jesus story.  But now that it is Monday, let’s do some Monday… Continue Reading “Easter Monday Morning Quarterbacking”

Insulted Your Creator Lately?

Those who mock the vulnerable insult their creator – Proverbs 17:5 So what’s the consequence of mocking the vulnerable?  Well, there is a really weird story of caution found in 2 Kings that is going to fester… “While Elisha was going up on the way,… Continue Reading “Insulted Your Creator Lately?”

Making Conflict Positive in a World where Trump is the Front Runner

She is a “pig,” “dog,” “slob,” “bimbo,” or “disgusting animal” – Trump describing a variety of women who have disagreed with him. “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes – blood coming out of her wherever.” – Trump on Megan… Continue Reading “Making Conflict Positive in a World where Trump is the Front Runner”

The Death Penalty Shows us What is Wrong with Worshiping the Bible

The death penalty is what you get when you read the Bible, but never listen to the Holy Spirit speak.

The Confederate Flag flies in Switzerland!

Just a few weeks ago, I set out early one morning with my husband and oldest son to hike 13 miles from Interlaken to Murren in Switzerland.  Now 13 miles might not seem like a lot in one day, but we climbed from an… Continue Reading “The Confederate Flag flies in Switzerland!”

Has God left the building?

Do you ever feel like God has gone missing?  That all the things you thought God ought to be doing weren’t happening?  That the miracles you thought God ought to perform were going undone?  Or maybe you are the one who has chosen the… Continue Reading “Has God left the building?”

When Peace is not Shalom

A few weeks ago, I was out walking my dog in Chartwell, my Johns Creek subdivision, when I came across the words, “I hate N-word” etched into the sidewalk.  It wasn’t painted on.  It was scratched on.  I hope that I don’t have to… Continue Reading “When Peace is not Shalom”

My Grandfather’s Grandfather had Slaves.

My grandfather’s grandfather had slaves. Let that cold horrible fact seep in for a second.  Could anything be a worse condemnation? A bigger curse brought upon a family?  The fact is that my ancestors were so selfish and mean that they purchased other human… Continue Reading “My Grandfather’s Grandfather had Slaves.”

For the abused and mistreated: What does forgiveness require of you?

The talk show guest didn’t intend to question the sincerity of those offering the Charleston gunman forgiveness, but his words spilled out that way.  What he said was, “Just saying that you forgive someone doesn’t mean that you’ve actually forgiven them.” The anchorwoman sitting… Continue Reading “For the abused and mistreated: What does forgiveness require of you?”

Nine Years Ago Today…

Nine years ago today, I was ordained.  A week later I was installed as the senior pastor of my first church.  At the time, I thought I would spend the rest of my life preaching, doing pastoral care, leading the church elders, and —… Continue Reading “Nine Years Ago Today…”