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Listen Up Church Leaders!

The church should behave in a way which would make no sense if God did not exist! -Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury Listen up church leaders!  He is speaking to you. Actually he was speaking to clergy. But in fact, this applies to each of… Continue Reading “Listen Up Church Leaders!”

Someone You Should know…Rev. Daniel Berrigan

We had burned papers instead of children. That was our crime. — Rev Daniel Berrigan, Jesuit Priest. At 94 years of age, Daniel Berrigan, a Jesuit Priest has passed away.  In 1968, he was a leader of the Catonsville Nine.  A group of nine… Continue Reading “Someone You Should know…Rev. Daniel Berrigan”

Ten Prayers that Changed the World

I was very pleased to be asked to write a review for a new book, Ten Prayers that Changed the World, by Jean-Pierre Isbouts (National Geographic Society, 2016). The first thing that caught my eye about the book was the choice of prayers that… Continue Reading “Ten Prayers that Changed the World”

ISIS is another Christian Failure

Is it too late to do anything but kill every ISIS loyalist we can find? Or do Christians still have an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to them? How powerful is our Christ?

Why are we here?

When sudden tragedy strikes, it is often a time when many of the big questions about the meaning of our lives and the universe just won’t go away.  Friends of mine, Chris and Karen Burpo, recently lost their son, Scott.  At Scott’s memorial service, held at… Continue Reading “Why are we here?”

Christianity is not an Agreement to Keep a List of Rules

This blog post is written as an answer to questions that I am getting about my last post on repentance… I want to reiterate that we misunderstand the teachings of Jesus when we come to the conclusion that being a Christian is about agreeing… Continue Reading “Christianity is not an Agreement to Keep a List of Rules”

Fight over Ferguson in the Nail Salon

Late this afternoon, I treated myself to a pedicure.  I especially love the big comfy chairs that give you a massage while the nail artist makes your feet look pretty.  To be exact, I wasn’t actually on a break from writing.  I was honestly still… Continue Reading “Fight over Ferguson in the Nail Salon”

When a Horrible Mistake becomes Something Awesome!

Our son Brent turned 28 yesterday.  That makes me really old.  And Steve, his dad, even older!  But honestly, we still feel (and act!) like we are 18. Brent doesn’t like for me to tell his story.  He rightly tells me that his vision issues… Continue Reading “When a Horrible Mistake becomes Something Awesome!”

Is the Episcopal Church Dead?

A 2012 article in the NY Times announced the approaching death of the liberal church. I find it interesting to go back and look at the article two years later.  The author gave the “liberal church” a face by identifying it with the Episcopal denomination.  But… Continue Reading “Is the Episcopal Church Dead?”

Perpetual Outsiders – Here is your patron saint

St. Francis’s life was “that of a perpetual outsider.” – James Cowan, from Francis: A Saint’s Way St. Francis is remembered by the general population as the kind man who loved nature.  But he was so much more.  James Cowan calls him the “perpetual… Continue Reading “Perpetual Outsiders – Here is your patron saint”