Love In a Hawk’s Feather

     Two weeks ago, as Maggie and I do every day, we were taking our hour long walk through the park. I let Maggie navigate where we go each day. She literally stops and points where she wants to walk. I know that sounds crazy, but a lot of things are going to sound crazy about this story. And that is probably the least crazy part.
     What was different about this walk is that this time she took me through the forest. Usually we stay on a path. So I was negotiating undergrowth when I saw a Red Tail Hawk feather on the ground in front of me.
     If it had not been for my daughter-in-law, I might not have paused to look at it. But my daughter-in-law is an Ojibwe Native American. A year ago, we hiked the Barolo region of Italy together where she collected dozens of feathers over the week, cleaned them with hand sanitizer, and put them in our hat bands. I marveled at her enthusiasm each time she found one.  Because of her, I can never again overlook a feather lying in my path.
     So I stopped and stared and reflected on it.
hawk 1
     I have watched a Red Tail Hawk flying through the park and into my neighborhood for many months now. In my heart, I immediately believed she left her feather just for me. It isn’t any tail feather.  The Red Tail Hawk has one on each wing that grows perpendicular to the other wing feathers. It is marked differently than the rest.  This is the feather she left me.
     This feather was remarkable to me for two other reasons as well. First, I have been reading Henry Nouwen’s book called Discernment where he gives us permission to look for the Spirit everywhere — even in a Hawk’s feather. So I took notice. Was God talking to me through this feather?
     I immediately thought so. I had been waiting for an answer to a question that might change the course of my life. It was a big deal and I was anxious. I knew the feather had something to do with that question.
hawk 3
     So I consulted with a Native American source as to what it meant when a Red Tail Hawk gave you its special feather. I find Native American spirituality to be quite wise. It said… “The Great Spirit is delivering a message to you. Stop, breathe, and take in that message fully. It will lead you on the right path. You are being asked to listen to the advice that friends and family are giving you. The message you are receiving about the decision you must make is correct and only comes from love. Allow yourself to let go of the control and surrender. You will be guided to the best place for all involved. Allow your soul to be guided.”
     The thing that struck me most was that the decision “comes only out of love” of those discerning with me. I treasured that more than anything else — more than the particular answer itself. To be loved by God’s beloved community is such an extraordinary gift that I was thrilled by it! Comforted by it.
     One week later, the decision has been partly made and indeed was delivered with great love. I wait for the rest in hopefulness!
     Where will the Spirit show up today? Henry Nouwen says that the Spirit is always with us, always speaking to us and often in creative and unexpected ways. We just need to keep our eyes and ears open — watch, wait, and be ready to listen.
hawk 2
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