Love with no “ifs”

The Apostle Paul described God as one “who had set me apart before I was born and called me through his grace” (Gal 1:15).

Paul knew that God loved us before we were even born. There is no “if.” No “if” you behave well enough or “if” you believe all the right stuff about God.

Paul was not a good guy.  Before he came to follow in the way of Jesus, he took part in the torture and murder of those who disagreed with his beliefs about God.  So it means a lot for him to claim that God loves him.

Yet, because he chose to have faith that the creator of the universe loved him, he was capable of turning his life around. He went from being a rule-following religious person to having a relationship with God. He described that relationship as “living in the Spirit.”

What if you and I intentionally choose to believe that God loves us no matter what? How might that choice transform our day? How might knowing God loves us change how we see ourselves and others?

Let us bask in God’s love for us. Let it warm us like the sun’s rays. Let’s invite it in and may it nurture and transform us.




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