Love speaks through the discarded clothes of refugees.

The picture is of an art installation at Canterbury Cathedral. Suspended from the ceiling are the clothes of refugees collected by the Anglicans who met the refugees on the beach with fresh dry clothes. There is a light at the center that glows when the natural light is dim.

“God has chosen to tell the story of humanity through the story of a refugee — Jesus was a refugee whose parents fled persecution… And it was in seeing the discarded grave clothes of Jesus in the tomb, that convinced the disciples that Jesus was risen… My prayer is that the discarded clothes will enlarge our hearts…”

— Canon Revd Nick Papadopulous

There are millions of Hispanic refugees in America who have fled starvation, violence, and joblessness.  They need a homeland.  What if we greeted them with clothes instead of a wall? It would be like greeting Jesus, wouldn’t it?

There is a short, but excellent video about the installation
that you can watch by clicking here.


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