The Love of Jesus

O my Lord Jesus Christ, I beg from you… that I may feel in my heart, in so far as it is possible, that over-brimming love with which You, Son of God, were inflamed so as to bear willingly for us sinners such suffering. — St Francis (The Little Flowers)

I have a confession, some people get under my skin.  People who hurt others either directly or indirectly, people who are incompetent because of laziness, and people who think they are better than others — these people are hard for me to love. Maybe for you too – or maybe you have your own set of people you don’t want to love.

But let’s try this… when we encounter these people, let’s ask the Spirit to fill us with the “over-brimming love” that was Jesus.  Let me know what happens.

Image result for st francis wolf

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