We owe each other.

Owe no one anything, except to love one another — Rom 13:8

This verse makes a huge claim on the followers of Jesus and shows just how radical our lives ought to be lived. We can never again say to another human being: “I don’t owe you anything.”

Jesus said if someone asks us to walk a mile with them, then we must walk two. If someone sues us to take our coat, then we must give them our shirt too. If someone strikes us once, then we must let them strike us again. If someone wants to borrow from us, then we must not refuse them.

And just to make things clear.  Jesus adds that he isn’t just talking about showing this kind of love to our friends – he is talking about loving our annoying, hateful, stupid, immature, ignorant, and even violent enemies too (Jesus’ sermon is recorded in Matt 5:39-48).

Love like Jesus.


April Love-Fordham is blogging about LOVE in 2018.
Find a link somewhere on this page to follow her blog.
April has written a unique Disorderly Parable Bible Study series for groups and individuals that teaches the lessons of scripture through modern parables.


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