Love of Creation

“El amor de Dios es el móvil fundamental de todo lo creado.” — Popa Francisco

Pope Francis writes that “The love of God is the fundamental motive of all creation.” If God gave us this world as an act of love, then why do we neglect it?  Why do we pass laws that allow it to be destroyed? Greed and shortsightedness are the only answers I can come up with.

What can we do to change this?

  • We can show our love of God by educating ourselves on living in ways that conserves and sustains our earth.
  • We can accept that living in a way that is kind to the earth may come at a cost. It may cost more to buy products that are good for our earth. It may take us more time to get to work (walking or taking public transportation). Do it anyway.
  • We can vote for politicians that will protect our earth rather than allow the greedy to profit from it.

Let’s show our love for God by taking care of creation.

April Love-Fordham is blogging about LOVE in 2018.
Find a link somewhere on this page to follow her blog.
April has written a unique Disorderly Parable Bible Study series for groups and individuals that teaches the lessons of scripture through modern parables.


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