Clothe Yourself in Love!

“Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony.” — Col 3:14

Okay… I get that my shirt isn’t what Paul meant when he wrote to “clothe yourselves in love,” but how cute is that shirt?!?!?

Other translations say to “put on love” because it is “the uniting bond of perfection.” Loving each other doesn’t mean we agree on stuff.  But loving each other means we unite in something larger than our disagreements.  We can still hold strong views, we can still speak the truth, but we do it in love. Love is what makes our differences seem more like harmonic notes than conflict.

And over time, love creates perfect harmony where there was none.


April Love-Fordham is blogging about LOVE in 2018.
Find a link somewhere on this page to follow her blog.
April has written a unique Disorderly Parable Bible Study series for groups and individuals that teaches the lessons of scripture through modern parables.


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