Uniting Christian Liberals and Religious Conservatives?

The quote below is fascinating. Trump’s approval rating among Republicans has gone up since the election and is extremely high, but his approval rating overall is extremely bad.

“Trump’s 40% approval rating is 21 points below average for a president finishing his first month in office, while his 87% approval rating among Republicans is second only to that of George W. Bush among all GOP presidents elected in the last 65 years.” – CNN

Conservatives and Liberals simply see things so differently! My theology professors put it this way…

Religious Conservatives have a list of rules that they believe individuals must follow (and make others follow) or risk God’s judgement. Adherence to religious law is their priority in in politics.

Secular Conservatives don’t care about religious rules, but just want a government that benefits them personally – usually financially. They don’t want to do any more for others than they need to do in order to keep society civil. Their personal wealth is their priority in politics.

Here is the fascinating thing!  Brilliantly, Secular Conservatives (beginning with Reagan and the moral majority — continuing to Trump) have done an incredible job of convincing Religious Conservatives that they are on the same page politically – when, in reality, they are not! Secular Conservatives are fine with gay marriage and abortion, but they will compromise if they need the Religious Conservative’s vote. Had Secular Conservatives not orchestrated this brilliant union, they would have had no chance in any of the recent Presidential elections.

Then there are the Liberals – whether religious or secular.  They are not focused on a set of rules for individuals to follow, but on building just communities where they believe both the individual and earth can thrive. This generally puts them in conflict with both Religious Conservatives (think abortion, gay rights, women’s rights, black lives matter, etc) and Secular Conservatives (think the pipeline, minimum wage, student loans, and wall street).

I think my professors were probably right. I have been chewing on their words for a long time.  What do you think?

If they are right, then my question becomes … how does this great divide between Religious Conservatives and Liberal Christians heal?  Can it?  Would love to hear your ideas.

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