Progressives: Let’s Destroy the Silos!

 The thing progressives MUST remember IF we are to resist injustice successfully and permanently is:
“Injustice isn’t dismantled until ALL injustice is dismantled.”
It is natural to be more concerned about specific injustices simply because some are in your daily experience more than others.  Because I am white, female, and middle age, I see sexism and ageism more easily than I see racism. Those are my silos.  On the other hand, my male African-American friend tells me he sees racism way more than any other kind of injustice. Racism is his silo. He didn’t even know there was such a thing as ageism (where you believe age alone makes someone less capable than a younger person therefore denying them equal opportunities).  Likewise, until a few years ago, I had very little knowledge of the extent of injustices against Native Americans.
But if I only work on sexism and he only works on racism, never supporting each other and others, we have a problem.  First, our numbers aren’t going to be strong enough to change the political mess we have going on.  But secondly, we would be missing what really needs to be changed: the heart. We must stop working solely on our particular silo and begin to fight the root causes of all injustice.
To do this, we have to think outside of our silos and start working together to change the way people think.  We have to educate those hiding behind their religion – believing it is okay to pay women less.  We have to educate those hiding behind social norms – believing it is okay to deny old people jobs just because of their age.  We have to educate those who think poverty is self-inflicted – believing it is okay to defund public education and healthcare.
Progressives, let’s destroy the “my silo only” thinking and band together. After all, the same disease causes all injustice.  That disease is the absence of love for others.  When love is absent, hate, fear, ignorance, and selfishness take up residence.  We will never have justice until we have dismantled what has moved in.  And then replaced it with love.  It sounds prosaic, but it is a truth that is as ancient as humanity itself.
So I encourage you to look outside your own silo.  Develop relationships with those different from yourself. Check yourself to see how you are practicing injustice unknowingly.  Start taking up the concerns of others as if they were your own.


Check out April’s Book, Dismantling Injustice, for group and individual reading.  She’d love for you to find the words “Follow” somewhere on this page (depending on your browser) and follow her blog too!

2 Comments on “Progressives: Let’s Destroy the Silos!

  1. The parable of the Good Samaritan shows us two people who are stuck in their own silos, and one who broke through his own silo to help someone else in ways that could have put him a risk. The ancient story of Androcles and the Lion shows us that we can never tell the effects of our good actions. Dr. Martin Luther King said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, and I believeevery major religious says something like ‘treat others they way you want to be treated”. How many times and ways do we need to be reminded? Thank you for reminding us once again.



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