Christians Fighting Selfish Battles

Jesus’ hometown was shocked the day he stood in the synagogue and announced his mission:

The spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me; he has sent me to:

  • bring good news to the oppressed
  • bind up the brokenhearted
  • proclaim liberty to the captives
  • release to the prisoners
  • proclaim the year of the LORD’s favor

(Isa 61:1-2).

This was Jesus’ inaugural address. Those of us who are followers of Jesus are to take up Jesus’ mission statement as our own. If we are not out there today working on behalf of the oppressed, the brokenhearted, those held captive by injustice, and those held prisoner without hope or grace, then are we really followers of Christ? No, we aren’t.

I challenge us today to pray over the mission of Jesus. Read each line of the verses above then stop and ask Christ to show you what part you are to take on today. You may be a teacher standing up for a child being left behind. You may be a corporate leader seeking out minorities to hire. You may be visiting a neighbor who is wrapped up in depression or grief. You may be protesting the death penalty, immigration laws, or any number of things – making calls to your government representatives.

If we are not part of the mission of God on this very day, then who are we following on this day? If we are too wrapped up in our own problems to be bothered with Jesus’ mission, then we need to realign our priorities – rethink what a problem really is. The alternative – Christians fighting selfish battles – is devastating to all of humanity.


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