Wow! This is Amazing! 2000-Year-Old-Lead-Tablets

I love mysteries — real ones — especially the ones that require mystical faith!

In 2008, a set of lead tablets with Paleo-Hebrew writings were found by a Bedouin in a cave in a remote part of Jordan.  This part of Jordan is an area to which the followers of Christ were known to have fled after the fall of Jerusalem in 70AD.

These tablets have recently been proven to be around 2000 years old dating to within a few years of Jesus’ earthly ministry. In them, they not only mention Jesus, but what thrills me is two things:  First they contain a portrait of Jesus (the cover picture of this blog).  And second, they claim that Jesus taught that God is both male and female.  They also mention James, Peter, and John.

These lead tablets do not contradict the gospels, but they do place greater emphasis on the physical temple, on the belief in the divine feminine (the Holy Spirit as female), and in Christ’s role to restore Hebrew practice from the time of King David rather than being the founder of his own movement.

Of course there is much debate over the authenticity.  But I for one, hope they are authentic!

You can read more about these lead pages here.

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4 Comments on “Wow! This is Amazing! 2000-Year-Old-Lead-Tablets

  1. I’m afraid there really is no controversy among scholars. The codices are fake. The lead itself is ancient, but they are imprinted with a hodgepodge of poorly copied ancient sources, the same “babble text” stamped over and over again, and even images from modern tourist trinkets.



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