Speaking Truth to Power with Love

Until about a week ago, people haven’t usually said things laced with bigotry to me. I think it is because they know that a long time ago, I resigned to speak the truth in love. I won’t let bigotry of any kind go by without calling it out. My goal is to call it out with love and respect, but I will not be one who sits back while others are hurt.
If that doesn’t work, I will block the person for a time (in cyberspace and in my life) until I can respond to continued hate with tough love and not unrighteous anger. I learned my limits a long time ago. And I decided not to let someone push me until I give them a verbal punch in the nose. If I am open to it, the Spirit gives me compassion even for the bigot. I would rather cry in frustration now than cause more hurt to a hater’s heart.  Pain-free people simply don’t hate anyone.  So I block until I can act like Christ.
Yet, it would seem the new President elect has emboldened those lurking in the shadows who have been harboring hate in their hearts. People who I haven’t seen in years have come out of the woodwork to espouse hate towards others. It is as if they think they’ve won the right to show how much hate they’ve got built up. From what I see on the internet, this may be happening to a lot of people.
In case it is happening to you, here is a great resource you may find helpful in speaking truth (bathed in love) to those speaking and living out hate.  I like this resource because it addresses a lot of different specific situations you may find yourself in.
Check out April’s Books, the Disorderly Parable Bible Studies, for group and individual study.

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