Let’s Not Be like Wasserman Schultz

My brothers and sisters, do you with your acts of favoritism really believe in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ? — (Jam 2:1 NRS).

Everyone does it – right?  We find a team and we defend that team to the end. We promote their victories and cover up their sins.  That’s being a team player.  Loyalty.  It’s good.  Right?


What Wasserman Schultz did is called favoritism.  She and others decided their loyalties lay with Clinton and so they did what they could to promote Clinton over and against her rivals. It isn’t something unique to the DNC.  It happens in the RNC and just about everywhere people live and work.

Yet, it is so very very wrong.

Christians can’t do this kind of stuff and be the hands and feet of Christ. We can’t.  We have to be just – truthful, upfront, fair, and honest. We can not support unjust systems.  We must call them out!!

James wrote to the 1st Century Church that their practice of playing favorites to the wealthy, educated, and powerful was against all that Christ taught. He questioned if they even knew Jesus because of their favoritism.  It is just as wrong today too. You hear it all the time…

He comes from a poor background and won’t understand our business.

We aren’t considering older priests because we want youthfulness.

We want a man in this job, because he will get more respect.

I don’t think a fat person will make us look good.

The white people won’t contribute if we have a Hispanic person in that leadership position.

My opinion is more important than yours because I am more powerful.

Yet it happens all the time – even in the church. Maybe especially in the church.  It happens when achieving our personal goals or promoting our personal opinion becomes more important than justice – more important than treating others fairly.

Frankly, you can’t fix one injustice while continuing to commit other injustices.  Injustice is only fixed by putting the well-being of all others before your own.  This is the heart of the gospel.  Jesus set the perfect example on the cross when he put our interests before his own life.

Let’s not practice favoritism of any kind.  Let’s be like Christ.

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