Listen Up Church Leaders!

The church should behave in a way which would make no sense if God did not exist!
-Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

Listen up church leaders!  He is speaking to you. Actually he was speaking to clergy. But in fact, this applies to each of us.

So many church leaders are practicing the gospel of scarcity instead of abundance.  And in doing so are watering down the truth of the cross – the power of God to provide for humanity. You are also setting really terrible examples for your parishes and congregations.

Our churches save money instead of spending it for fear there won’t be more. What good is even a small bank account when those in need are clamoring outside your doors?

Our churches fail to ordain pastors, priests, and missionaries because we are afraid God won’t provide the funds to pay them. God brings forth candidates and then we send them away saying, “The church is dying, God can’t use you.”

Our churches hesitate to speak out on social injustices because of fear that it will make members mad and they’ll leave or stop paying the bills.  So people continue to stumble around in the dark when the church has the directive to speak truth to power and bring magnificent light into the darkness.

I focused this post on church leaders because that was who the Archbishop was addressing.  But whether you are a church leader or not – think of your personal life.  How are you living in scarcity (fear and darkness) instead of abundance (excitement, hope, curiosity, and light)?  Your creator wants abundance for you!

Why do we limit God instead of living in abundance knowing that our creator loves to provide for us? Like the Archbishop said, “Live in a way which would make no sense if God did not exist!”

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