Jesus’s Judgement Rubric

This blog series follows my “Teachings of Jesus Class”
where we examined the words of Jesus recorded in the gospels.

“I’m the judge of you!” is a statement that I am sure made Jesus very unpopular among the religious leaders of his day. It probably didn’t help much that Jesus had a judgement rubric very different from theirs. Here are some of the things he laid out:

You must. . .

  • Do good for the right reasons (Matt 25:34-36)
  • Not ignore those in need (Mat 25:42-46)
  • Be more righteous than the religious rule followers, but not by following rules (Matt 5:20)
  • Not cause others to stumble (Matt 18:6-9)
  • Remove yourself from temptation – even if it takes drastic measures (Matt 18:6-9)
  • Take care of those in your charge (Matt 24:48-51)
  • Use your talents for the mission of God (Matt 25:29)
  • Not use your resources for luxuries when others are hungry and poor (Luke 6:24-25)
  • Not be ashamed of Jesus and his teachings (Mark 8:38)
  • Dress appropriately for the party. Or in other words, you must treat with honor Jesus’s invitation to join the party of God (Matt 22:11-14)

It also didn’t make Jesus popular (in their culture or ours) when he said that for those who fail there is going to be a lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth or worse.

From my experience, we already cause an awful lot of pain to our neighbor and ourselves when we fail at these things.

By the way, are you doing as poorly at these things as me?

More blog posts to come on the Teachings of Jesus.
Check out April’s Books, Disorderly Bible Studies, for group and individual study.


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