Easter Monday Morning Quarterbacking

It is the Monday after Easter. On Easter Sunday, in the glory of the resurrection, it is easy – and probably appropriate – to overlook one of the really interesting details of the Jesus story.  But now that it is Monday, let’s do some Monday Morning Quarterbacking…

“The women hurried away from Jesus’s tomb, afraid yet filled with joy, and ran to tell his disciples” (Mat 28:8).

The Gospel of Matthew says that women were sent by an angel to preach the good news that Christ had risen to the disciples. In fact, this means that women were the first to preach the good news! And when the women arrived at the disciple’s hiding place, their cries of “He is risen” were met with . . .  Joy? Not exactly.

“The women’s words appeared to the disciples as nonsense, and they would not believe them” (Luk 24:11).

This translation says that the disciples called the women’s story “nonsense,” but the Greek word is actually lyros which means “lies.” The disciples called their sisters liars. They did not believe that Jesus had risen. And in their unbelief, they attacked the women and their message, disregarding the women completely.

I point out these details for three reasons.

  1. The gospel story is not about Jesus and a bunch of male disciples – God gave these women a leadership role too. They preached to the disciples!
  2. Know that if you have ever been called a liar when you spoke the truth of God, then you are in good company. Be of good cheer. Know that sometimes our cries of joy will be met with disdain.
  3. If you, like the disciples, doubt that the Jesus story is true, maybe give it another look. The disciples came around. “Help me in my unbelief” (Mark 9:24) may be the best prayer humans have ever prayed.

Happy Monday! He is risen!

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