Two Ways to Make a Contract with God

Most people think they have a contract with God.  For our part, we keep a list of rules, do a list of good works, and believe the right theology.  In turn, God will give us good things now and in the life to come.  That is how it works – right?

Oh so wrong according to Jesus.  If that is what Jesus had taught, then the religious leaders of Jesus’s day would have had no reason to kill him.  But Jesus taught something very different.  Something that took away the religious leader’s power over everyone who followed them.

Jesus tells this story of two sons  to the religious leaders. . . each son wants to make a contract with God:

The younger son had been looking for love in all the wrong places and living wrongly.  Things go from bad to worse when he finds himself homeless and hungry.  In his desperation, he decides to offer his father a contract in hopes that his father will let him come back home: “I will be your slave and you will be my master.”  But the father will not sign the contract!

The older son, who has never caused his father any problems, catches his father throwing a party for that rebellious younger brother.  He is intolerant and judgmental of anyone who doesn’t take the road that he takes.   He points out to the father that doggone-it, they had a contract.  He would work hard for the father (keeping the rules, doing the good works, believing the right theology) and the father would give him good stuff.  But instead of honoring the contract, the father is giving the good-for-nothing younger brother all the good stuff that rightly should go to the older son.  Maybe so, but the father denies that there was ever any such contract!

handshake-and-contractJesus was teaching that God does not make contracts. God makes covenants.  God’s covenant says, “I will be your God and you will be my people.”  All we have to do is say, “okay.”  There is no contract involved – no work that we have to perform – no rules that we have to keep – no theology that we have to adopt.  Of course, there is a sort of price to pay.  God has promised that those who say “okay” will become like Christ.  God will give them the wisdom and power to serve God and others.  They get to take part in the mission of God.  This is what we say “okay” to: to letting God transform us.

In the story that Jesus told about the two sons, though the Father rejects both of their contracts, he offers them his unconditional love – a covenant: he will be their father and they will have all the rights as his heirs.  All they have to do is say, “okay.”

This is Christianity – what Jesus taught. How has Christianity become something so unrecognizable?

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2 Comments on “Two Ways to Make a Contract with God

  1. Jesus’ life exemplified how we are to reach out to all with compassion. He ate with the sinners and tax collectors to call them to repentance (his words in Luke).

    My issue with your teaching of not having a “list” to follow as a Christian is if their isn’t a “list”:

    From what are we called to repentance?

    What do we do that makes us unholy?

    How do we know what it is like to become more like Jesus, more holy?

    When we say “okay” to Him, which direction do we go to allow him to transform us?

    For the wages of sin are death. The Good News that we share is that Jesus’ death paid that penalty for us all. It is a free gift for anyone who will accept it by repenting of their sins and following Him.

    God bless!


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