April’s Blog

April writes mostly about Scripture & Spiritual Disciplines – but sometimes about social issues and her life. Immediately below is a list of some of her most popular posts. Scroll down further to see the latest posts. Search capability is on the menu to the left.

Being a Progressive Christian in the Deep South * When A Church Elder Called Me an Ass * When Peace is not Shalom * The Day Jesus Described God as a Woman * A Trinitarian World View will Change Everything you Thought you Knew about God * Stop Pretending Sexism is a Legitimate Religious Belief * The Death Penalty Shows us What is Wrong with Worshiping the Bible * Fight Over Ferguson in the Nail SalonAre you Committing the Sin of Scarcity? * When a Horrible Mistake Becomes Something AwesomeSt. Peter’s Vision on the Apian WayIs the Episcopal Church Dead?The Good Shepherd Doesn’t Break the Sheep’s LegGive * Trump sums up Mexicans with a Taco * Being Yourself with GodNine Blessings from the Non-Conservative MovementFive Things Non-Conservative Christians can Learn from Conservative ChristiansThe Kingdom of the Christ Child and the Big Bang Theory  *  Who is Going to Heaven?The Inerrant Paraclete * What Easter Island and Scripture have in CommonA Misunderstanding of Good and EvilWhy I do not believe God directed the ancient Jews to slaughter other nationsHeld in Slavery by Christianity

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