Jesus said, “Give to everyone who begs from you, and do not refuse anyone who wants to borrow from you”—Mat 5:42

A few years ago, I was visiting with Brent at seminary. It was Sunday morning and we stopped by Starbucks on our way to church. A street person met us at the door as we were leaving. He asked for some money. I apologized and gave him nothing even though I had plenty to share. Brent reached in his pocket, pulled out his wallet, and emptied it into the guy’s hand. I was really proud of my son’s generosity until I realized Brent was still in givingschool, didn’t have a job, and that it was actually my money he was giving the guy.  The funny irony of the Holy Spirit using my son to do the right thing with my money wasn’t lost on me.

Jesus taught this radical way of living to his followers. Are you on-board? Am I?

May Lent be a time where I stop claiming to follow Jesus and just do it.

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