John Corbett, White Woolly Sheep, And Jesus!

Whose says progressive Christians don’t have mystical encounters with God? Here goes…

Lately I have been having this odd dream of “hippie” Jesus leaning on a classic blue car playing his guitar.  He is in front of me at a junction on a long dusty country road.  The edges of the road are speckled with yellow daisies.  The car is parked next to a little white sign with something written in red letters on it. I call him “hippie” Jesus because he looks a lot like John Corbett playing Chris Stevens in Northern Exposure. Usually I see Jesus in my mind’s eye looking more like “stained glass window” Jesus in jewel tones and glowing. But, right now he is appearing in my dreams as “hippie Jesus” in real flesh and blood. By the way, I met John Corbett at a bar in Roswell once and he is nothing like Chris Stevens. Nevertheless, I digress….


In the dream I can’t see what is written on the sign Jesus’ car is parked next to, but every day, I get a little closer and it is a little more in focus. Somehow I know the sign has directions on it telling me which way in this life Jesus and I will be going together next. It’s as if the sign is going to have instructions for a job I am being invited to do. Moreover, Jesus has plans to drive me there in his hip blue car. I don’t feel at all uneasy about what the sign is going to say, because Jesus will be driving. It doesn’t really matter where we are going – I am home already.  Even though I sense the journey will be a lot of work, somehow, I know it is good work – like having a baby, birthing a book, or creating something beautiful for someone you love.

When I look at Jesus’ expression for some kind of clue, I realize that he is looking forward to seeing my expression when I am finally close enough to read the sign. Yet he knows I can’t get there any faster. Something is in my way – it’s a herd of beautiful white woolly sheep. Hippie Jesus is in no hurry, he is okay with waiting for the sheep to do their wonderful sheep stuff. So together Jesus and I smile at each other from a distance and admire these extraordinary beings that stand between the sign and me. As I watch them, I begin to appreciate their wisdom.  What a community they have!  They are all going in the same direction – toward me.  Yikes!  I am stunned at their graceful, yet determined, dance down the road as I get out of their way.


Then I wake up. Content. Happy. In anticipation.

I thought I would share this dream, because I just bet someone else might be waiting for God to answer a prayer or give them direction today.  And it might help you to know Jesus is waiting at the junction, next to a classic blue car, playing his guitar.

BTW, I have a cold and have been running a fever at night.  I had a bowl of “Love Crunch: Premium Organic Granola” with almond milk before I went to bed last night too. 🙂


April is a progressive Christian who writes about scripture and spiritual disciplines. See her latest book, James in the Suburbs.  

5 Comments on “John Corbett, White Woolly Sheep, And Jesus!

  1. Much to ponder. One minor flaw. Not that mystical experience “belongs” to any particular belief experience, but it seems historically that mysticism in a proper framework of discernment and testing (much like you are describing, it’s not a flash of light on the road that’s beckoning but very familiar cues; but that’s another comment) is a very progressive practice. Perhaps it’s time for progressives to not shy away from the mystic experience and be bold in practicing and proclaiming our insights. I for one am tired of these Tele preachers running around sayin “I got the anointin’, and it’s tellin me to tell you to send me all your money.” We’re all anxious to see where you are led..


  2. Love this! And Hippie Jesus is my very favorite Jesus (I grew up on Jesus Christ Superstar!) You will get there and see your sign. I am slightly envious of your patience.


  3. Thanks for sharing this. I always wonder if I’ll know when God is trying to tell tell me something.


    • Well… God promises to give us wisdom without holding back. So yes, I think if we listen, we will know. Sometimes we don’t take time to listen. Sometimes we don’t recognize what wisdom is when it is given. And so many times we start down the road without wisdom. But ask, look for it every where (scripture, friends, and meditating are great places to look), and then be willing to wait. She will show up!



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